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B.P. India Storyboard

Storyboard done for B.P. India with Ogilvy Mumbai. It was fun doing this as it is very different than normal storyboards. Simple and nice concept by my friends Laukik Golatkar and Rahul Mahajan at Ogilvy.
The final 3-D rendered spot was totally different than what I imagined but it was more awesome.
Check out the spot here.

Teachers day :)

Sharing some of the illustration done for teachers day section for the Reader's digest magazine.

Adding colors to line

here are some coloring work that i did for level10 comics.
lines are done by wonderful fellow artist devmalya
All characters and art work are copyright level 10 comics.

Hospitality in the hills

I recently read a blog by a foreign traveler that Indians can be either extremely helpful or they can be extremely deceptive. I have not met the deceptive people so far while i travel but i have surely met very warm and helpful people. The writer of a recent article in the Reader's Digest shares some of her experiences. It was really fun working on the illustration for this article. Check out the published illustration below

Night at the border !

An illustration done for Reader's Digest India. You can have a look at some more illustration for them here

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy. i like the way she kills :). tried to render in a new technique but i ended up doing it in my regular one :(

Old School

One of my favorite character from level 10 comics is Sando-Da. I tried to do a speed paint of sando-da and it turned out pretty well. It has been used as a cover image for the digital edition of latest old school issue.

You can know all about Sando-da and his hilarious adventures here.

Holi Hai !!!

I created this to wish my facebook friends on holi. i wanted to make it in comics style :)

Readers Digest - Kindness of Strangers

A simple and quick illustrations for and article featured in Reader's Digest India.

Chai in Delhi

one of the drawings that i made in Delhi during comic con :)
watercolor + acrylic

Batu Gaiden

An attempt of making a poster for Batu from first Indian manga series called Batu Gaiden by level 10 comics. Although Batu is a kid i rendered him as a teenager. You can know more about batu here

Girl - Jones

One of my friend told me about Android jones, The moment i googled him i was totally blown away by his detailed art. So many colors and textures, such beautiful strokes and each and every bit of his work is insanely great. I was totally inspired by this guy. Article on Wikipedia says that he is the co-founder of

 I got inspired by this guy and created a piece tying to emulate his style :)


Promo Art for Yumi - an upcoming title from level 10 comics.
Let me introduceYumi to you -
A two issue mini series that chronicles the origins of the mysterious Ah-Nirvaan assasin, Yumi.
Story by Shamik Dasgupta. Art by the Xong brothers in their first Mature title.

Dhobi Ghat

dhobi ghat 1

dhobi-ghat ironing

dhobi-ghat mumbai illustration

dhobi-ghat rock wash

dhobi-ghat sun drying

dhobi-ghat collecting

DHOBI GHAT is a 150 year old place in Mumbai where hundreds of washer men collect dirty laundry, wash and return it, neatly ironed, to swank homes of elites living in south Mumbai. It is the worlds largest open air laundry. It's a fascinating spectacle, looking down on row upon row of open-air concrete wash pens, each fitted with its own flogging stone, while Mumbai's dhobis (around 200 dhobi families work together here) relentlessly pound the dirt from the city's garments in a timeless tradition